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Mark Mahan
Jarrettsville, Maryland

A recent graduate of the University of Buffalo, with a degree in Civil Engineering, Mark Mahan is currently a Project Manager in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

After meeting Erick Bach and Jonathan Maldonado, he discovered photography, since then he has founded Mahan Aerial Photography with the hopes of sharing his and others work.

Jonathan Maldonaldo
Buffalo, New York

Hey, its Jonathan Maldonado here a buffalo native, I attended the University at Buffalo, and graduated with a degree in engineering. Although, I have mathematical mindset, I came to realized my passion for photography. I love being able to capture a moment and tell someone’s story.

I remember picking up my first camera and just rushing to the park with excitement, taking pictures of everything that I encountered. Thus, how my journey in the wonderful world of photography began.

Ever since I’ve had the pleasure of shooting weddings, birthday parties, senior portraits and many more photo shoots. Connecting with my clients and leaving them satisfied is what I do best. Schedule a photo shoot today!

Erick Bach
Saugerties, New York

Born and raised in the Catskill Mountains of new York. A byproduct of a multi- generation farming family. This nature govened upbringing instilled the fundamental harmony between man and his surroundings

How did this manifest into photography?

Spending many years exploring the Catskill Mountains it became a common occurrence that I never went off to find anything of particular significance but these places found me time and time again. Taking a photograph of of it never crossed my mind.

Fast Forward

While tweaking and editing my go pro footage and some pictures I started to get feedback that my framing, ratios, and composition were all by the book. Being that my mother has been a professional wedding photographer perhaps it was hereditary at play?

After a continuous flow of positive feedback on a camera not even meant for straight photography, I decided to take a chance and buy my fist DSLR. After the purchase of my first DSLR I started to immediately produce. With sheer excitment i found myself able to portray the emotional solitude and balance I cherished as a young farm boy all those years ago.